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Brilliant Deductions is easy to find in Charlotte, has convenient daytime, evening, and weekend office hours. Our turnaround times are tailored to our clients needs and availability. We work by appointment days, evenings, and weekends during tax season.

We have several different ways of working with our clients:

New Clients: 

We prefer that new clients call our office in Charlotte, email us, or visit our appointments page for an initial income tax preparation appointment. Meeting our new clients letís us gauge the amount of time for your initial appointment

Current Clients:

  • Drop off the checklist and all supporting documents

Complete our Checklist and provide supporting documentation. Drop off all information in an envelope to Roger at his office. There is a large mail slot in the office door for your convenience.


Make an appointment by phone, email or online. Bring a completed checklist with you. 

  • Pick up completed tax return later

Make an appointment to pick your completed return. Taxpayers and spouses need to sign (or make arrangements) when picking up.