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Roger and Darlene Starcher (better known as Brilliant Deductions during tax season) operate an income tax preparation business near Charlotte's South End. We specialize in family taxes - and have for 20 years. From the end of January until April 15th, we are busy doing tax returns. Many of our clients live nearby and are our neighbors. Our tax preparation background is from the old institution of H & R Block. Roger worked there, and Darlene is a graduate of their personal income tax course. We consider ourselves a couple of chips off the old Block!

We offer electronic income tax preparation and efiling for federal and all state income taxes including North Carolina and South Carolina. We also have the ability to do tax returns for all states! Another service we offer is free tax information. Many times people have tax related questions and don't know who to ask - about electronic filing, filing a return in multiple states, selling stock, 401K distributions, moving deductions, tax credits, employer withholding rates, or property taxes. If you live in our area and have questions, we can help. And, we don't charge anything for answering questions. Call or email us and we'll respond.